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Chain And Accessories, Feet And Inserts, Hinges...
  • Adjustable Ball Feet
  • Chain
  • D-Shackles
Hardware - Includes a range of stainless steel rope, chain and related accessories. Metric chain is kept in sizes 2mm up to 10mm, with D-shackles, snap hooks and quick links available for connecting with chain. Wire rope, turnbuckles, thimbles, ferrules and rope grips are used in balustrade and similar applications. Feet and inserts are used at the end of tube for adjustment of height or to cap off leg ends. Stainless steel piano hinge also known as continuous hinge, and stainless steel U-bolts, eyebolts and rings are included in our hardware range.
  • Bondloc Adhesives
  • INOX MX11 Chain & Brake Clean
  • INOX MX2 Battery Conditioner
  • Barrel Bungs
  • Barrel Washers Gamajet
  • Pellacon Nuts
Tank & Barrel - Accessories that are used on tanks and barrels. Our range of tank fittings include tank vents or vacuum breakers, sample cocks (including spare parts), brass handles and pellacon nuts. In addition we can supply tank door and lid seals on request. Barrel bungs are available in solid silicon, recessed and venting.
Base Plate/Cover Set, Clamps, Compression Fittings...

Tube Fittings - Used to connect tube by welding into place. This can be in the form of an adaptor or reducer which goes from one size to another. Elbows, tees, crosses and 'Y' pieces are used to change the direction of a flow. Flanges are used in conjunction with other components which allow the tube to be bolted together. End caps, clamps and sealing flanges are accessories used on runs of tube.
Liners, Males, Nuts...
  • Butt Weld Liners
Wine Fittings - A 4-piece union of a male, nut, liner and flat seal, designed for the wine industry. The wine male has a coarse thread which is coupled with either a brass or stainless steel nut, stainless steel liner and flat rubber seal. Stainless nuts are available in both a wing and slotted style, while liners are either butt weld or slip on. Blank caps and nuts are used to cap off male parts and wine spanners are used on slotted nuts.
Hand Cleaner, Pickling Paste, Scourers...
  • Barrel Washers Gamajet
  • Hand Scourers - For Finishing
  • Pickling Paste
A range of tank and barrel cleaning equipment, including stainless steel spray balls in 1.1/2", 2.1/2" or 4" diameter balls. These are available with full or part spray and can be fabricated to take an end connection suitable with your hose or fixed line. The M-Series tank washer is driven by water pressure and gives a good 360 degree distribution inside your tank. The Cloud 360 is a high-impact washer designed for large tanks and comes with the option of a tripod. Foam pigs are available for cleaning pipes and hoses, while the hand scourers finish off stainless steel welds. We stock a range of water saving wash-down guns for most applications.
Adaptors, Elbows, Hosetails...
  • Barrel Spear
  • BSM Double Male Joiner
  • BSM Female Hosetail
Custom-made Fittings - If you want something designed and fabricated and don't have the knowhow, WEMS can build it for you. We can fabricate fittings in any configuration from hosetails, joiners, adaptors, elbows to specialty and vintage fittings. We offer a combination of end connections: BSM, Wine, Tri-Clover, Din, Camlock and BSP fittings. If you are not sure, please ask us.
  • BSP To Tube - Straight Connector
  • BSP To Tube - Swivel Elbow
  • BSP To Tube - Tee Connector
SMS Fittings - A range of pneumatic push-fit fittings used with air-line hose or tube. The range includes tube to BSP threads or tube-to-tube connectors. Connectors include straight or reducing, tee, elbow or Y configurations. The BSP thread sizes start at 1/8" through to 1/2", while the tube goes from 4mm up to 16mm. Valves, regulators and silences are also available.
  • Banding Buckles
  • Banding Strap
  • Banding Strap Tool
Hose & Accessories - Includes a range of hoses and clamps used to transfer liquids. Bacco Wine Hose is a PVC-reinforced hose commonly used for suction and pumping. Hose clamps come in a variety of styles from simple worm-drive to the Supa bolted clamps and Cobra quick clamps. Bandit strap and buckles are used instead of a conventional clamp via a tool, and rubber thread protectors are used to protect hose end connections from being damaged.
  • Dip Tapes
  • Flow Meter
  • Pressure Gauge
Measurement Devices - Measure pressure, temperature, flow or levels. We stock a range of pressure gauges, the most common being a 63mm face with 1/4" BSP male bottom entry, however other types are available. Tel Tru Thermometers are used via a thermowell to measure temperature inside of a vessel. Tel Tru Thermometers are available in a wide range of temperatures, probe lengths and orientations. Flow meters are used to measure gas flows, while diptapes are used to measure the level of a tank via a tape and weight.
Liners, Males, Nuts...

SMS - Swedish Dairy Standard Unions are a 4 piece stainless steel union comprising of a male, nut, liner and seal. The male or thread meets up with the flat faced liner and a seal sits into the male part to form a seal. A slotted nut completes the union and C-Spanner is used to open/close the nut.
Shapes, Sheet, Tube…

Stainless Steel Products - Kept in both 304 and 316 grades. We carry a range of imperial and some metric round and flat bar, angle and tube. Tube is available in both round and square forms, while stainless steel sheet in 1.2mm to 3.0mm thickness in a variety of finishes are available. Perforated sheet, mesh, checker plate and some plate products are stocked.
Blank Caps, Clamps, Ferrules...
  • Tri-Clover Blank Caps
  • Tri-Clover Clamps
  • Tri-Clover Clamps Heavy Duty
Tri-Clover (also known as Clamp or Ferrule) Fittings - Comprised of 4 pieces clamped together to form a union, which makes for easy dismantling of a tubing run. Parts include 2 ferrules, a clamp and seal; the ferrules are welded into the line and then sealed together with a seal and clamped closed via a wing style nut. Due to the clean nature of this union common applications include pharmaceutical, food and beverage.
Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves...
  • 1 Piece Mini S/S 316 Ball Valve
  • 2 Piece S/S 316 Ball Valve
  • 3 Piece Butt Weld S/S 316 Ball Valve
Valves - Used to isolate a line, there are a variety of different styles for different applications. We stock stainless steel butterfly valves, ball valves in 1, 2 or 3pc, check valves, knife gate valves and diaphragm valves. We can supply spare seals, seats, bearings, handles and packing material, or overhaul your valves for you. WEMS can fabricate end connections onto most of these valves to suit your application. We are resellers of Keystone valves and controls, so we can offer a wide range of valves for you.

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