The members on our team are focused on providing quality and practical mechanical engineering to our customers. With a wealth of experience and a vast knowledge of industry products, our materials and standards allow us to transform concepts into practical engineered designs.


Solidworks is our primary engineering tool because it allows us to create 3D parts and 2D drawings. Solidworks is a parametric feature-based solid modelling software package. 3D parts can be created and placed into assembly, and then 2D drawings can be generated directly from the part and assembly information.

Our skilled design team can produce workshop drawings for fabrication from 3D model information developed during the preliminary stages of the design process. Due to its parametric and associative nature, Solidworks allows automation of the drawing process based on information captured in 3D models.

The three basic Solidworks file types (parts, assemblies & drawings) are associated with one another. This means the drawing file has the ability to extract properties from parts or assemblies and reproduce the information on a drawing sheet. If a part is modified or properties changed, the associated 2D drawing will automatically update.
  • Design verification through engineering analysis – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Motion Analysis
  • Mass and section properties – mass, volume, surface area, centre of mass, moments of inertia, etc.
  • Reverse Engineering – production of 3D models from existing 2D drawings
  • Data creation for manufacturer – DXF files for profile cutting, sheet metal flat pattern development
  • Presentation of images – JPEG, TIF and PDF, with photorealistic rendering capabilities
  • Importing and exporting of numerous solid file types – IGES, STEP, ACIS, etc.
  • File translation ability – converting of files between AutoCAD (DWG) and Solidworks
To discuss the parameters of your engineering project, please contact us today to get started. Our team would love to discuss the details of your project and start working on bringing your design to life.

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